Hi! I’m Arthur Lewis. I’m a freelance software developer and musician, based in New York City.

I started my tech career at Tekserve, a Mac repair shop in New York from a different era, intaking repairs, and helping customers with their computers in-person and over the phone.

That led me to 12 years of IT consulting — supporting schools and small businesses for all their tech needs. I liked the mix of working directly with people and furiously typing at a keyboard.

Then I found software development. I led the development of an online music school called Soundfly for a few years, building their site from scratch with a small shifting team of freelancers and full-time folks, before leaving to focus on my own music career for a while.

These days, I’m doing both - developing software and writing music for clients (but usually not at the same time).

When I do software, I tend to like:

When I do music, you can find me at arthurthefourth.com.